Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Story 26: Tim Frick

Both on and off the wheelchair basketball court, Tim Frick is one of BC's most respected coaches. Not only did he coach the Canadian women's wheelchair basketball national team to 3 Paralympic and 4 world championship gold medals over the course of his 18-year tenure, but he has also received the Order of BC and was a Faculty Emeritus in Douglas College's Sport Science program.

Throughout his 30+ year career, Tim Frick has been involved in some of BC wheelchair sports' biggest moments. He coached Rick Hansen leading up to the Man in Motion Tour and traveled with him for part of the tour. He has also been to six Paralympics and the Canadian women's wheelchair basketball team boasts one of Canada's longest-running winning streaks.

Though he's best known for his coaching style, Tim has also impacted wheelchair sports development worldwide by pioneering several sport science initiatives. He has worked with legions of sport psychologists, personal trainers and researchers and has experimented with everything from colour theory to microstretching to cooling vests in an effort to give his athletes an edge over the competition. Many other wheelchair sports have taken a lesson from Tim and adopted these sport science principles in their own programs.

Though Tim is now retired and lives on Pender Island with his partner Gerry, he remains a valuable part of the BC wheelchair sports community.

Here is a slideshow of Tim in action:

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