Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 Years. 40 Stories. 40 Days: It's Your Turn!

We've shared our top 40 wheelchair sports moments and now it's your turn. Not only can you vote for your favourite story in our poll, but we also want to hear about your own BC wheelchair sports highlights. We want to keep BCWSA's 40th birthday celebration rolling by giving you an opportunity to share your story. Tell us what stories we missed, what moments left an impression on you, and how wheelchair sports have impacted your life.

You can send us your wheelchair sports highlights in whatever form feels appropriate. It could be one photo or a photo montage, a short paragraph or a long story, a Top 10 list, a video, or even a music playlist. Your highlight could take place in BC or abroad. You could showcase one moment or discuss your entire wheelchair sports career. Whether you're an athlete, a coach, a volunteer, a builder or a fan, we want to hear from you. We'll post the stories as people send them to us.

Send your stories to .

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